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Frequently Asked Questions​

What is a Fiduciary Financial Advisor?

A fiduciary financial advisor is legally bound to act in your best interest. This standard of service is core to the commitment and culture of the firm. Though, we take it a step further by applying the golden rule, meaning that we treat others as we would treat ourselves and our own family. For us, fiduciary is a way of life that emanates from being and living the principle that shapes character.

We genuinely love developing strong and deep relationships built on trust to guide you on your path to financial freedom.

What is Tactical Investment Management?

We specialize in the science of tactical and dynamic management, meaning separately managed accounts that have some type of a defensive mandate to manage market risk. We have more than twenty years of due diligence experience necessary to determine what manager firms we contract with that have proven track records in both bull (up) and bear (down) markets. In addition, we are tactical managers ourselves and our models sit next to some of the best managers in this space. Although most would consider all of us competitors, our relationships are more collegiate and have developed over many years.

What is Fintech Wealth Management?

We were a FinTech company before FinTech had a name. To bring tactical investment management to everyone (no formal account minimums), we have built one of the most operationally robust systems in the industry. This means we allow the blending of multiple managers in multiple accounts across multiple custodians in a single household. With a dedicated systems engineering team, we can continuously provide the technology necessary to deliver a world-class experience to our clients.

Do you offer Comprehensive Financial Planning Services?

Comprehensive financial planning services are part of our six-step financial plan to financial independence, which includes cash flow and budget analysis, debt management, insurance assessment, investment management, estate, and legacy planning. In addition, our “Your Personal Economy (YPE) Report,” is a complimentary customized report that assesses if you are on track to achieve financial independence.

How are you paid?

  • Our investment management is a fee-only fiduciary advisory. We don’t charge commissions; we don’t charge performance-based fees and our advisors are conflict-free from proprietary products. Fees are paid as a percentage of assets under management and are deducted from the account monthly. So, when you do well, we do well and that places us on the same side of the table.
  • Financial planning fees can be paid as a one-time consultation fee or a flat subscription-based fee. The implementation of the plan will be in your control (do-it-yourself).
  • Many of our IARs are also insurance agents. Currently, most all insurance product solutions offered through insurance companies are commission-based. However, we do contract with over 80 insurance companies to ensure that our agents have access to a plethora of insurance solutions best suited for each client’s specific needs.
  • Some of our IARs are dually registered as Registered Representatives (RRs) with our unaffiliated broker-dealer and continue to service securities held by our clients. They may offer commission-based securities which may create a conflict of interest; however, we properly disclose what those conflicts may be. For more information see our Client Relationship Summary (“Form CRS”)

Do you use an Independent Custodian?

GVCM is custodian agnostic, meaning we have agreements with most all major independent custodians in the United States. We believe having multiple third-party custodians is critical to our fiduciary standard.

What's the difference between Global View Capital Advisors and Global View Capital Management?

  • GVCA is the team of financial advisors affiliated as Investment Advisor Representatives (IARs) and/or Registered Representatives (RRs) of an unaffiliated broker-dealer. Many are also licensed insurance agents offering life, long-term care, health, and disability protection.
  • GVCM is our SEC-Registered Investment Advisory firm (RIA) offering fee-only advisory services. Our IARs are licensed to offer fee-based services of the firm.
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