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Tactical Emerging Markets

The Tactical Emerging Markets strategy actively manages a portfolio of Emerging Markets mutual funds. The strategy generates trading signals based upon trend-following, relative-strength and momentum, seeking to achieve higher returns and lower volatility over a full market cycle than a traditional "buy and hold" strategy in the asset class. The strategy seeks to take advantage of both intermediate and long-term trends in the highly volatile emerging markets as determined by a set of proprietary algorithms. With the goal of adapting to downside risk, each component seeks attractive risk-adjusted-returns over a full market cycle.

Finally, a way to obtain a meaningful level of exposure to emerging market opportunities for those concerned about the risk.

Gain Exposure to Key Foreign Markets that are growing at a faster trajectory than will likely be seen in the US, Europe and Japan. High debt to GDP ratios of developed nations may be a fiscal drag on future growth.1

Most Emerging Markets Are Lenders Not Debtors whether of government, corporate or households. Household savings are high, have generally younger populations with a few liabilities and are recycling wealth into infrastructure, services, communications and education to stimulate domestic demand.2

Emerging Markets Account for Nearly 50% of global demand for a range of base metals and natural resources, a boon for many commodity producers across the world.3

Seeking Attractive Risk-Adjusted Returns with potential downside protection from a tactical strategy.4

1Disclosure: IMF World Economic Outlook July 2010 update and IMF staff calculations and estimates.

2Disclosure: Aberdeens "The Bulletin" issue two - fall 2011

3Disclosure: Aberdeens "The Bulletin" issue two - fall 2011

4Disclosure: Performance expectations - Active investment management seeks wealth preservation, as well as capital accumulation. It is not a get rich quick approach that can be evaluated over a short term. It may not equal the performanve of various market indexes during periods when markets either experience rapid appreciation or exhibit no clear trend, but by design seeks to capture the returns when markets are trending and outperform them when prices are declining. Therefore, it requires a complete Bull & Bear market cycle (on average 5-7 years) to fairly judge its results.

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