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The Innovation and Issues that RIAs, Fee-Based Advisors and Investors Care About Most

Our commitment to RIAs and fee-based advisors inspired us to launch our award-winning Advisor Authority study, now in its fifth year. We explore the issues and innovative solutions that matter most, to help all advisors at every level tap into the tremendous potential of the independent fee-based channel.

In this latest Advisor Authority Special Report, we focus on the most successful RIAs and fee-based advisors—exploring the unique characteristics that allow them to earn more, manage more AUM and drive change in our industry. In this report, we’ll help you better understand the top traits of successful advisors—how they build and run their practice and help their clients build more wealth—so that you can learn from these high performers, gain actionable insights and recognize new opportunities that will help you attract new clients, enhance current profitability and build a foundation for the future growth of your firm.

As Advisor Authority has shown year over year, advisors must look to the future and adapt—or be left behind. The advisors poised to succeed in the face of increasing competition and the complex dynamics of today’s uncertain world are those who can differentiate themselves by focusing on holistic financial planning, adapting to new trends, adopting new technology, harnessing the benefits of Artificial Intelligence, expanding their practice by targeting new clients and creating the competitive advantage of a unique customer experience. Overarching everything, it is clear that the client must come first—a
commitment RIAs and fee-based advisors have been making from day one.

Nationwide Advisory Solutions was built from the ground up with a singular focus on serving RIAs and fee-based advisors. We believe in the tremendous potential of the fee-based channel to drive new innovation, disrupt the status quo and transform the future of our industry. We have never stopped in our efforts to develop a deeper understanding of the challenges you face and the solutions that you need to succeed. We will continue taking the pulse of RIAs, fee-based advisors and their clients, to establish benchmarks and provide you with the actionable insights that are so important for your
success. We believe you’ll find our research insightful. As always, we welcome your feedback on our findings and your suggestions for next year’s study.

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